Thursday, February 16, 2012

Kipling Fall 2012 Collection


A couple of weeks ago Johnny and myself sat down and viewed the new up coming Fall 2012 kipling collection.  There's some great new colours and exciting new designs too.  Today I'll talk about the new colours.

Firstly, Red & Lacquer Black will be added to the ongoing colours: True Blue, Expresso Brown & Black.  The fantastic brand new colours will be: Royal Red, Ochre Yellow, Beige Brown, Dark Fushia, Blue Teal, Off White, Berry Purple, Lacquer Brown & Lacquer Pewter.  The three print designs to sit along this collection will be: Woven Print, Gypsy Print and my favourite, the 2D Print.  Added in the Back To School collection will be: Fir Green, Bright Turquois, Sporty Blue, Diamond Print & Badge Print.

I'll blog some more information soon about the Fall 2012 Collection, including styles to be sadly discontinued.

Justin x

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