Saturday, April 05, 2014

Why you really shouldn't be without a Kipling Garan bag
Today we are featuring the Kipling Garan which is a great  bag for the modern girl about town!!! Sure, it makes a great bag for stowing shopping or books from class. Yet it also has an iPod pocket, meaning that you can rock out to your favourite tunes with a convenient place for your music collection. There's even a mobile phone section.
You can keep your keys safe on the hanger. What's more, there's a small zipped pocket for essentials like mints. In other words, it has space for all the things you can't live without, so your pockets won't bulge and ruin your look. The Kipling Garan bag comes with an adjustable shoulder strap, too. That saves your back big time, and you'll also find the crinkle nylon fabric light to carry, unlike some leather bags.
But let's talk colour for a moment. There's a style to suit anyone in the Kipling Garan bag range, from Classic Black to Funky Monkey Mania, the latter a print with multicoloured primates. What is it with Kipling and monkeys? At any rate, each bag comes with a cute monkey on a key-ring that's sure to be a talking point with friends. They're so collectible, everyone will want one.
A Kipling Garan bag is great for the budding student. It has three compartments for pens, and a spacious main area for bundles of books. The shoulder strap lets you slide it off easily to sit down. It also means there's no awkward slotting your arms through backpack straps every hour or so. Moreover, you won't make a huge noise opening it in class. The Velcro fastening offers a 'pull once and done' sound rather than a long slow zip noise, if you need to get at something while the teacher is talking.
The Kipling Garan bag, an essential of the student wardrobe, is part of the new collection. So if you like what you see, make sure you check out the other great Kipling bags that are available right now. After all, you might want a handbag for going to the cinema, and luggage for trekking off on your holidays.
Of course, Kipling handbags, luggage and backpacks do come with a free monkey. You'll know you're hooked if you get the whole lot just for the key-rings - even if there are a few more reasons than that to get a Kipling Garan bag!
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