Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kipling Tropical Beach Party

Summer comes early to Rtherapy with the Kipling Tropical Beach Party Collection

The funky summery colours are:  Cocktail Print (style shown: Beach)

Beach Print (style shown: Asiena)

Block Beige (style shown: Defea)

Block Tangerine (style shown: Alvar)

The bags in this collection come with a monkey wearing cool sunglasses! (the large monkey shown is only available on the style: Beach)

Check out more of the collection at:

Kind regards

Justin x

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Kipling Classics


Kipling has been bringing you 25 years of bag happiness this year!  To help celebrate this, Kipling have introduced their limited edition 25 Years Kipling Classics collection.  With the colours, Sport Blue & Tangerine.
Check out the styles at

Currently we have in stock:

Creativity L

Art M

Art S

Fundamental S


Now remember .... A bag is not a bag unless there's a monkey attached to it!!