Friday, January 18, 2013



Available to you all around 26th January 2013 will be the new Kipling Spring 2013 range.  In this latest blog I'll show you the new colours & styles.

Firstly this season's must is the MONKEY MANIA PRINT

Next is the PRINT FLOWER in the new GARAN

The Alvar XS has been replaced by the slightly larger Alvar S, seen here in the colour PEONY

The colour LILAC makes a return to the Kipling collection, here seen in the soon to be discontinued FAIRFAX.


The oddly named CABBAGE! Here seen in the new CATRIN style


The hard to see PEARLIZED WHITE

These colours form the basic collection along with CAFFE LATTE, GENTLE GREY and the on going BLACK, EXPRESSO BROWN, TRUE BLUE & LACQUER BLACK.

The GREY PINK C is available in only the Reth,Sumida, Creativity S & Kari (large pouch)

My favourite bag of this collection is the PAHNEIRO in Black White C

A new range is the MOMMY & ME.  Here is the MACEIO S in BLOSSOM PRINT

Another new range is the SIGNATURE collection. Here is the LINA in Peony logo



Note books and shown here a post it book

We hope you like this exciting new collection, personally I believe it's one of Kipling's best ranges.  But then I've seen the Summer/prefall 2013 which ranks up there with this one, but that's something to look forward to in April.

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Kipling bags best sellers 2012

Kipling Christmas best sellers 2012

Well 2012 is over and what a year! For us here at rtherapy we were flat out right up until the New Years Eve parties got underway.

Now the dust has settled and the hangovers cleared we have had time to look back over at what was hot in 2012...

Best selling Kipling handbag 2012

Well as you would expect The Kipling Fairfax, Defea and New Raisin were all bestsellers during 2012. According to our Kipling sources the Fairfax is the best selling Kipling bag of all time... though what surprised us in 2012 is how sort after the Kipling Cammie was.  This  versatile shoulder bag has loads of room with 3 main compartments and really is a great alternative to the Fairfax or Defea as your go to Kipling bag

Best selling Kipling purses and Wallets

Unlike the handbags there were no real surprises here. The usual suspects filled the order books with the New Money being the most popular purse, while for those of you wanting something slightly larger the Kipling Brownie proved a popular option.


Kipling luggage

It seemed a fair few customers were heading off on their holidays this year and cabin sized luggage was all the rage. The Kipling Yubin50 was streets ahead of the competition and with a volume of 25L and only weighing 2.2kg it certainly offered everything you need in a compact piece carry on wheeled luggage.

So it just leaves us to wish everyone a very happy and healthy 2013