Thursday, April 05, 2012

Discontinued Kipling styles!

Some of our favourite Kipling bags have faced the axe!!

As from the Fall 2012 Kipling range, you won't be getting your hands on the following bags in the new colours:

Sadly the first to go and always a favourite is the NEW CANDY!!  Shocked?! 

Next is the CASKA

Styles that lasted just a few seasons are the: HUBEI & RETH S.

These next styles I'm guessing weren't a crowd favourite as they only lasted one season:


Gone is the mini range.  Styles included are the PUCK, MALAITA & TEDDY.

If you like the G*RILLA GIRLZ range then I suggest you buy them quickly as the whole range has been canned!! No more HARAJUKU & INZAI I'm afraid.

The Kipling 2Go range is next.  However this will be replaced with the Kipling Light range.  These bags will be light, durable, functional & versatile.

There are a few casualties in the Vintage range.  Styles included are the EBB S, GOHJO & AHURU.  Unfortunately the popular DEFEA & FAIRFAX only lasted one season in the vintage range!

Oh, and the PERMANENT BLACK?  It's not permanent!!

It's sad to see some of these favourites go, but rest assured Kipling have new designs coming to you soon!!

So there you have some hot Kipling news.  So remember if you like some of the styles to be discontinued, you best get them quick before it's too late.

Justin x