Saturday, November 01, 2014

Turn heads with a Kipling backpack

If you're a fan of the Kipling brand, then you'll know that it all started with backpacks. Here at RTherapy, we specialise in Kipling goods and are proud to be able to offer bags from such an acclaimed and distinctive brand. If you're hoping to get your hands on a Kipling backpack, we can help. We stock a wide range of Kipling backpacks to cater for an array of tastes and you can save as much as 30% on some bags.
For fans of distinctive and eye-catching backpacks that you just can't ignore, the City Pack Backpack by Kipling is ideal. This item comes in an assortment of colours including dusty grey, espresso brown, sky blue, tango red and true blue. The bag is renowned for its excellent dependability and offers a number of compartments, secure storage options and pockets that you won't struggle to access. The backpack is incredibly easy to carry and offers all the comfort and style that you could possibly need from such a bag. 
Adjustable straps and a carry loop are also incorporated for extra comfort, and the main compartment provides pockets for mobile phones and media players too. You'll also be able to carry such items as water bottles with ease due to the magnetic stud closure that comes as part of the side pockets, and you'll of course also get your own special Kipling furry monkey, as is standard with all Kipling bags.
We have been supplying Kipling bags in the UK since they were first launched here. Kipling's story stretches back to 1987 when the brand was launched in Antwerp. The brand has always aimed to distinctive, fun and fashionable bags that stand out from its rivals. We are one of the most trusted suppliers of Kipling bags and backpacks in the UK and endeavour to always bring you the latest and most exciting Kipling bags for the best prices around. We also stock Kipling gifts. Look no further if you're planning on purchasing a Kipling backpack.

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Why you really shouldn't be without a Kipling Garan bag
Today we are featuring the Kipling Garan which is a great  bag for the modern girl about town!!! Sure, it makes a great bag for stowing shopping or books from class. Yet it also has an iPod pocket, meaning that you can rock out to your favourite tunes with a convenient place for your music collection. There's even a mobile phone section.
You can keep your keys safe on the hanger. What's more, there's a small zipped pocket for essentials like mints. In other words, it has space for all the things you can't live without, so your pockets won't bulge and ruin your look. The Kipling Garan bag comes with an adjustable shoulder strap, too. That saves your back big time, and you'll also find the crinkle nylon fabric light to carry, unlike some leather bags.
But let's talk colour for a moment. There's a style to suit anyone in the Kipling Garan bag range, from Classic Black to Funky Monkey Mania, the latter a print with multicoloured primates. What is it with Kipling and monkeys? At any rate, each bag comes with a cute monkey on a key-ring that's sure to be a talking point with friends. They're so collectible, everyone will want one.
A Kipling Garan bag is great for the budding student. It has three compartments for pens, and a spacious main area for bundles of books. The shoulder strap lets you slide it off easily to sit down. It also means there's no awkward slotting your arms through backpack straps every hour or so. Moreover, you won't make a huge noise opening it in class. The Velcro fastening offers a 'pull once and done' sound rather than a long slow zip noise, if you need to get at something while the teacher is talking.
The Kipling Garan bag, an essential of the student wardrobe, is part of the new collection. So if you like what you see, make sure you check out the other great Kipling bags that are available right now. After all, you might want a handbag for going to the cinema, and luggage for trekking off on your holidays.
Of course, Kipling handbags, luggage and backpacks do come with a free monkey. You'll know you're hooked if you get the whole lot just for the key-rings - even if there are a few more reasons than that to get a Kipling Garan bag!
For this and other great Kipling bags visit
For more great Kipling product video clips:

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The sensational Kipling Bagsational range now available at rtherapy

What do you expect of a handbag for everyday use? Do you expect it to be comfortable to carry or wear over your shoulder? Do you also expect it to be thoroughly practical and well-made, so that it lasts for a long time to come, even if you really are constantly using it? What about a wide range of interesting available colours, so that you can flaunt your individuality? Dare we say it... should you even expect your next handbag to be extremely stylish and collectable?

Bagsational in Brilliant Purple

Many people would think that to be asking too much of a handbag, but that's without reckoning with the hugely successful Kipling brand or the Kipling Bagsational range. Kipling, of course, has offered a vast range of chic, comfortable and functional bags since it was founded in 1987. The brand, hailing from the European fashion capital of Antwerp, offers handbags, luggage, accessories and backpacks sporting that unique Kipling look, in particular the monkey key rings that people love to collect.

Bagsational in Cactus Green

In this piece, we'd like to shine the spotlight on just one of these bags: the Kipling Bagsational. Available in such colours as Brilliant Purple, Cardinal Red, Cactus Green, Dazzling Yellow, Pink Orchid and more, as well as sporting an instantly recognisable silhouette, there's no question that this is a stylish companion. However, it is also a practical one, with its easily accessible, versatile and spacious pockets for storing all manner of essentials. The soft exterior of the Kipling Bagsational also makes it a pleasure to carry around, in addition to being a lot tougher than it looks.

Bagsational internal photo
 The full range of features that make the Kipling Bagsational difficult to ignore include dual carry handles, front and back compartments with magnetic stud closure and a zipped middle compartment. This latter compartment contains a clipped keycord, slip pocket, pen and pencil loops and even a drop pocket for your mobile phone - so whatever you've got with you, as long as it's small enough, there's a place for it somewhere in your Kipling Bagsational bag.

Of course, there's also the obligatory furry monkey key ring with its own name - an ever-present reminder that you have chosen a  brand that cares about comfort, practicality and style in a bag. What more reason could there be to hunt out a Kipling Bagsational from the wide range available at to start your collection today?


Saturday, January 04, 2014

Kipling Spring 2014 Collection

Hi guys, here is a preview of the upcoming Kipling Spring 2014 collection due to us at around 24th January 2014.

We start with this seasons casualties.  One season wonders are the Ichiwa S, Stelma & Sevrine.  Dee & Elizea are also discontinued as is the Gabbie for on-line retailers for only one season.  Don't worry it'll be back for Summer Pre-Fall 2014.

New seasonal colours will be:

LACQUER DARK BLUE ( Here seen in the New style called YELINDA)

DAZZLING BEIGE (Here seen in the PRISKA N, which makes it's way into the Basic collection from the Kipling Mixte range) Kind of Linen effect to the material.




CARDINAL RED (Here seen in the New CITY PACK B)



STONE PRINT (Travel range only)

More Monkeys!!

There's new colours in the Hiphurray, Totes & Iaka pouches

A new MONKEY MADNESS range (Here seen in the DELPHIN & ROSLIN)


The SoSalsa range (Here seen in the JOANA)

Also available to us here at Rtherapy will be some Kipling accessories.  These won't be available on-line but it will be a great excuse to come and visit us here in sunny beautiful Newquay!!

Hope you enjoyed looking at the preview of the new Spring collection for 2014 and can hold on until the end of this month to get another Kipling fix & boost your collections.

Take Care!

Love Justin @ Rtherapy x

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Latest rtherapy Kipling product videos in the can!

We've kept busy over the holidays and spent the days between Christmas and New Year shooting some more Kipling bag video clips. To be honest we needed something to keep us away from the leftovers and mince pies!

We've always had good feed back on the videos we embed on our rtherapy site and at the last count we had racked up product videos for over 140 different Kipling bags, purses and luggage. Hopefully they give you a  better indication of how the Kipling bag looks rather than the usual photos you find on most sites. Where possible we also try and give a little insight into the bag or luggage. For example, if a particular pocket is large enough to hold a book, bottle of water or just a small purse.

Our latest batch of video clips are featuring some of our favourite Kipling backpacks. If you're a Kipling bag fan you will know that the label started off with backpacks in the mid 80's and then gradually expanded into the range of handbags, purses, luggage and accessories that are on offer now.

For all our videos you can visit our YouTube channel: rtherapy1972. But below you'll find a couple  we've picked from the latest shoot.

First up is the Kipling Clas Challenger in chevron stripe. This is a great backpack and the perfect size for a day down the beach or for taking to the gym or work.

We also featured the Kipling Clas Seoul in pink orchid. This is a slightly larger backpack than the Clas Challenger, coming with a  padded pocket to slot your laptop or tablet computer into. Overall and excellent Kipling backpack for college or work

All these bags and more can be found at our website or if you want to speak to us in person you can call the shop on +44 (0)1637 876698

Friday, August 09, 2013

Kipling Fall 2013 Collection


Here at Rtherapy we are pleased to show you the new colours & styles of the latest Kipling Collection.  These are available to buy at

New colours for the basic range that sit along with the ongoing BLACK, EXPRESSO BROWN & TRUE BLUE are:

MONKEY MANIA BR - Here seen in the new fantastically named PRACTI-COOL

BLUE SNAKE - Here seen in the GABBIE


WINE RED LACQUER - Here in the new style called BAGSATIONAL

CELO GREY - Here in the new DEE

HEATHER OLIVE - Here shown in the new style called ELIZEA

PORT RED - Here shown in the ELIZE ( reverted back to the original style with the 2 front pockets)

With the very successful Monkey Mania print we have, but only in the travel range, the MONKEY MANIA DR - Here shown in the MULTIPLE

A different range in the collection is the KIPLING MIXTE range - Shown here is the BAGSATIONAL KM LIGHT BROWN

Another new range is the VIVY range which includes our favourite bag the DANSIRA - here in the print SNAKE KALEIDOSCOPE

Gone this season are the ERINE, JOSLYN & sadly the GRACY!!

Cool fashion accessories finish this range off with:



And a nice winter set

We hope you really enjoy this exciting new Kipling Fall 2013 collection.  Coming soon we'll tell you all about the Helena Christensen range!!!

Kind regards

Justin  x