Saturday, December 28, 2013

Latest rtherapy Kipling product videos in the can!

We've kept busy over the holidays and spent the days between Christmas and New Year shooting some more Kipling bag video clips. To be honest we needed something to keep us away from the leftovers and mince pies!

We've always had good feed back on the videos we embed on our rtherapy site and at the last count we had racked up product videos for over 140 different Kipling bags, purses and luggage. Hopefully they give you a  better indication of how the Kipling bag looks rather than the usual photos you find on most sites. Where possible we also try and give a little insight into the bag or luggage. For example, if a particular pocket is large enough to hold a book, bottle of water or just a small purse.

Our latest batch of video clips are featuring some of our favourite Kipling backpacks. If you're a Kipling bag fan you will know that the label started off with backpacks in the mid 80's and then gradually expanded into the range of handbags, purses, luggage and accessories that are on offer now.

For all our videos you can visit our YouTube channel: rtherapy1972. But below you'll find a couple  we've picked from the latest shoot.

First up is the Kipling Clas Challenger in chevron stripe. This is a great backpack and the perfect size for a day down the beach or for taking to the gym or work.

We also featured the Kipling Clas Seoul in pink orchid. This is a slightly larger backpack than the Clas Challenger, coming with a  padded pocket to slot your laptop or tablet computer into. Overall and excellent Kipling backpack for college or work

All these bags and more can be found at our website or if you want to speak to us in person you can call the shop on +44 (0)1637 876698

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Patricia said...

I see all the Kipling bags in the current colors. I am looking for a dark purple but have no idea what the name was or is.

I purchased a tote and the handles are a dark purple and would like to buy a matching wallet. But, on eBay you can't really tell what the colors are due to differnet monitors and how the picture was taken. However, the name of the color is listed. Do you or anyone know were I can find a list of colors?
Thank you.