Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The sensational Kipling Bagsational range now available at rtherapy

What do you expect of a handbag for everyday use? Do you expect it to be comfortable to carry or wear over your shoulder? Do you also expect it to be thoroughly practical and well-made, so that it lasts for a long time to come, even if you really are constantly using it? What about a wide range of interesting available colours, so that you can flaunt your individuality? Dare we say it... should you even expect your next handbag to be extremely stylish and collectable?

Bagsational in Brilliant Purple

Many people would think that to be asking too much of a handbag, but that's without reckoning with the hugely successful Kipling brand or the Kipling Bagsational range. Kipling, of course, has offered a vast range of chic, comfortable and functional bags since it was founded in 1987. The brand, hailing from the European fashion capital of Antwerp, offers handbags, luggage, accessories and backpacks sporting that unique Kipling look, in particular the monkey key rings that people love to collect.

Bagsational in Cactus Green

In this piece, we'd like to shine the spotlight on just one of these bags: the Kipling Bagsational. Available in such colours as Brilliant Purple, Cardinal Red, Cactus Green, Dazzling Yellow, Pink Orchid and more, as well as sporting an instantly recognisable silhouette, there's no question that this is a stylish companion. However, it is also a practical one, with its easily accessible, versatile and spacious pockets for storing all manner of essentials. The soft exterior of the Kipling Bagsational also makes it a pleasure to carry around, in addition to being a lot tougher than it looks.

Bagsational internal photo
 The full range of features that make the Kipling Bagsational difficult to ignore include dual carry handles, front and back compartments with magnetic stud closure and a zipped middle compartment. This latter compartment contains a clipped keycord, slip pocket, pen and pencil loops and even a drop pocket for your mobile phone - so whatever you've got with you, as long as it's small enough, there's a place for it somewhere in your Kipling Bagsational bag.

Of course, there's also the obligatory furry monkey key ring with its own name - an ever-present reminder that you have chosen a  brand that cares about comfort, practicality and style in a bag. What more reason could there be to hunt out a Kipling Bagsational from the wide range available at www.rtherapyclothing.co.uk to start your collection today?


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