Saturday, November 01, 2014

Turn heads with a Kipling backpack

If you're a fan of the Kipling brand, then you'll know that it all started with backpacks. Here at RTherapy, we specialise in Kipling goods and are proud to be able to offer bags from such an acclaimed and distinctive brand. If you're hoping to get your hands on a Kipling backpack, we can help. We stock a wide range of Kipling backpacks to cater for an array of tastes and you can save as much as 30% on some bags.
For fans of distinctive and eye-catching backpacks that you just can't ignore, the City Pack Backpack by Kipling is ideal. This item comes in an assortment of colours including dusty grey, espresso brown, sky blue, tango red and true blue. The bag is renowned for its excellent dependability and offers a number of compartments, secure storage options and pockets that you won't struggle to access. The backpack is incredibly easy to carry and offers all the comfort and style that you could possibly need from such a bag. 
Adjustable straps and a carry loop are also incorporated for extra comfort, and the main compartment provides pockets for mobile phones and media players too. You'll also be able to carry such items as water bottles with ease due to the magnetic stud closure that comes as part of the side pockets, and you'll of course also get your own special Kipling furry monkey, as is standard with all Kipling bags.
We have been supplying Kipling bags in the UK since they were first launched here. Kipling's story stretches back to 1987 when the brand was launched in Antwerp. The brand has always aimed to distinctive, fun and fashionable bags that stand out from its rivals. We are one of the most trusted suppliers of Kipling bags and backpacks in the UK and endeavour to always bring you the latest and most exciting Kipling bags for the best prices around. We also stock Kipling gifts. Look no further if you're planning on purchasing a Kipling backpack.


albert candy said...
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james kelli said...

Yes, you are absolutely right that
Kipling Bag Sale at R therapy have very good new arrivals stock I saw at their website and I already booked for my self. Thanks for that.

Awais Ahmed said...

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